Kiss day : wish your Valentine with love

Kiss day

Immortal boon, under moon,

God observe, that you deserve,
Better than, just a fan,
Who admire, your every desire,
He told, mystery is yet to fold,
Make a wish, that you will never miss,
Rain drop, and lovers talk,
Under a tree, relaxing free,
A word from lips, and grab her hips,
Fell into a (unending) bliss, and ends with a kiss
. – Gursimrat

Beating beats, shining shine,

Hear it aloud, your mine,
Till the last of the blood dries,
And that fly sitting the fire flies,
Or the jumbo elephant jumps over the tree heights,
See me in the mirror, on a wall,
Under the painting above the stall,
Spill some sugar, pour some milk
Make a love tea, on a table silk,
Knit me in a love jaal(net),
Make me once again to fall,
Love me till the sun dies,
Say I Love You, no lies.
– Gursimrat

Stay Insane

Written by Mojo-Jojo

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