Let’s choose a reason to stay.

Leaving is so hard for me. My heart ache when after spending few laughter with someone you have to leave a place with teary eyes often. I may not be living same moment again with same person when I would visit next time. May be things would have changed at then. We would be little awkward , shy and weird.  Sometimes I feel a part of me lost there and never going to come back to me.

And when people leave,not from my life but when they move to another city or country. “Distance sucks” .

You know we say we miss that person. But have you ever thought about how much you are missed? I am devastated when people abandon me. Do they feel the same? You’re not same with every person you meet. You don’t always reveals all your unfold layers to everyone. Why do someone leave?

I wish no one ever leave  me.

Sometimes in middle of a night I crave to talk and let the bizarre thoughts out because we are most vulnerable at then. I yearn for a conversation which may sound maniac when I will read in the morning.  But , but I find so hard to talk. I have fear what if when a conversation left a mist.

Leaving is so hard for me af !. A place with memories . A city with teary eyes. A person with goodbye. A conversation with stale words.

Happy Reading😊

P.s. I am posting since a year ago and amount of love , appreciation I have received is beyond measure. Thanks😊. “Every said worth has its worth with a person only”.

Stay Insane

Written by Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''.
Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.