Microsoft Office 2016 is now available for Mac users

Microsoft Office 2016 : 

Microsoft Office products have stayed with us for a long time and now they have become a very important of the windows. Microsoft has come up with new version of this product, Microsoft office 2016 in full version for MAC users. Its preview version was released in March, now you can buy full version online for your MAC.

What’s new in Office 2016?

This new version of Office includes some improvements in the functionality. The new attractive UI is very eye catching that is going to grab everyone’s attention towards it. This time, Office includes some creative functions like, Full screen mode, multi-touch gestures, etc.

Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 word

Another added functionality is retina eyes optimization for compatibility with the high resolution of Mac’s. Also One drive cloud system is integrated in this, which will make easy to store your important documents on the cloud and by connecting your smartphone to the cloud you can access them on both of the devices.

Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 excel

Some windows shortcuts have been added instead of adding Mac shortcuts like ctrl + shift instead of cmd + shift and lot more shortcuts to make your work more easier even if you use windows and switch to Mac will not matter and you will be able to experience more good UI and interactive interface of Office 2016.  This time office 2016 will include – Excel, word, power point, one note, & outlook.

Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 power point

Wind Up

Microsft has released the full version for free for only office 365 users on Mac, for students the office price can be reduced to some amount, but for home use, office 2016 will be available on the full price and subscription of months/years.


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Written by Ashutosh Kapil

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