Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

Well this movie its a typical goose bump ride, where Ethan Hunt a.k.a Tom Cruise has been declared rogue assassin as the mi6 is being disbanded by the London government due to plea made by the head of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) named Alan Hunley. Hunley then sets on a spree to find and put an end to Ethan Hunt which is almost next to impossible i mean come on you can’t find a ghost. In between there is a very important role played by Rebecca Ferguson as Illsa, where Illsa is an undercover agent of the British government who actually works for the SYNDICATE. Ferguson provides the basic gravity to the movie which is very well required where Ethan on the other hand along with his team tries to find out more about the organisation named SYNDICATE as was introduced in the end of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and tries to finally put an end to the organisation.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

Well that was the brief movie intro now coming to the stunts and the story line. The story line is epic, it has all its up’s and down’s but is made picture perfect. Coming to the stunts there are a few jaw-dropping moments like when in the start the actor himself hangs outside a big jet plane, trying to infiltrate it and there is another scene where there is a bike chase between Ethan and the members of the SYNDICATE organisation. All the stunts have been performed by Tom himself. What don’t believe me ? Check this out.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/afS5ks54tms” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you haven’t seen it till now, you can watch the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation trailer. All in all this movie is a perfect addition to the Mission Impossible Franchise and i am sure all the fans would love to see Tom Cruise in Action and trust me when i say this

The movie will leave you with a broad smile and a big WOW on your face.

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 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation review


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