All you should know about the NIT Srinagar .

Before we Share the whole Story ,here’s a video of clashes

Students raising pro Indian Slogans .


Students and outsiders raising pro- Pakistan slogans .


It all started on the night of India vs West Indies match when local kashmiri students came out of their hostel rooms to celebrate India’s defeat. The group of students started shouting anti-national slogans and started firing crackers. The local canteen staff at the back of first year hostel started stone pelting at the hostel which led to minor injuries of students. Reacting to this, a group of first year students went to the Director’s office next day and demanded an immediate action for this and also the hoisting of Indian national flag in the campus as is supposed to be done in every central university. The director sent the students back with an assurance but with no fixed deadline. However, immediately after this, some local kashmiri students including some and Ph.d scholars (who are also supposed to teach the students) formed a group and started hurling anti-national slogans. Some non-local students intervened, in the reply to which one of the local student hit a non-local with a drafter leading to a blood spur from his head. After this, all hell broke loose and there was a minor clash between these two groups. The non-local students afterwards raised Indian national flag and organised a rally in the campus shouting ‘Bharat mata ki jai’. The local police force was then called up, who threw tear gases and lathi-charged the non-local students. Moreover, the local mob who lives near the college campus started stone pelting from outside. However, no action was taken by the police force against the kashmiri students and the local mob. The college authority issued a notice later on the same night stating that the non-local students should vacate the hostels, which was highly unexpected amidst this chaos. At the same time, there was a gathering of localites at the main gate of college campus who were throwing obscenities and were quite angry at the non local students. The college authority decided to call the higher police officials to take control of the situation .


We are still waiting for an official statement from NIT Srinagar and hope things gets under control and return to Normalcy .

The main thing which frightens us all here is the silence by the Government of India and Indian HRD Minister Smriti Z Irani .

We will send Army to get people out and help people in trains only after one tweet and , This Students are forgotten and Media is not even Covering the Story .

We as a Nation have to set our PRIORITIES RIGHT . We will Give live coverage to a Kid in a Hole for 4 days but not where it’s required most .

We thank Students (Names will not be shared , as requested by them .)of NIT Srinagar ,who shared this now its us who need to stand by the riotous .

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Stay Insane

Written by JerkShakespear