Your pulse races, your heart pounds, you find it hard to breathe. You might even pass out. But can your fear become so intense that it actually kills you? So here’s a list of top 5 phobias that could kill you.

1. Somni Phobia

Somni phobia or severeinsomnia can result from a fear of losing control, or repeated nightmares. Many people say a fear of dying in their sleep is why they are often reluctant to go to bed. Ironically this phobia itself could kill them. Somniphobes can regularly go more than 24 hours without sleep. This severely endangers their health.
Sleep deprivation can lead to varying and often deadly healthy problems such as high blood pressure and strokes.




2. Cibo Phobia

The fear of food. usually triggered by a traumatic episode, such as choking. Cibo phobia involves the fear and deliberate avoidance of food. it is also regularly connected with bulimia, anorexia, and other eating disorders. These conditions are currently estimated to affect two million people worldwide.



cibophobia 2cibophobia

3. Abluto phobia

Abluto phobia is the fear of washing. According to a study carried out by UNICEF, 30% of deadly diseases in developing countries are caused by poor sanitation and risky hygiene behavior. The charity therefore recommended regular washing of the face and hands with soap and water. Sufferers of ablutophobia often find themselves unable to do this, due to their extreme fear of bathing and washing. The phobia is particularly worrisome when it prohibits people from washing their hands before and after preparing food. Not only are the physical ramifications of abluto phobia extremely dangerous, but it can have a detrimental impact on a persons social life and mental status. It is often associated with isolation and clinical depression.



ablutophobia 2


4. Panto phobia

Panto phobia is basically the fear of everything. Also known as pan phobia this phobia is particularly distressing as an individuals anxiety could be triggered by literally anything around. It is characterized by regular and often irrational panic attacks. Panto phobia causes sufferers to experience a racing heartbeat, excessive sweating, and even an inability to speak , in some extreme cases, people with Panto phobia can lose consciousness. Doctors also cite it as a possible symptom of schizophrenia, this is particularly distressing as 80% of adults with schizophrenia attempt to commit suicide



5. Iatro phobia

For many the idea of visiting a doctor generates anxiety nausea or severe panic attacks.
Surveys show that around 3% of the population feel apprehension when attending an appointment. This phobia is so extreme that many sufferers will delay seeking medical attention, no matter how urgently they require it putting their lives at risk





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