Real Life In Syria

Life in Syria in not so good. Life is Tough in Syria .Every Life in Syria is under continuous Threat .Where is UN ? Where is US? And these airstrikes By Russia are making life more Worse than ever .

Syrian migrants fleeing  the nations and we all have seen the reports that Syrian Migrants are risking their life’s to cross sea and find a place for them. And those who left their hope that they will never their Home again. So how bad the life is in Syria. Every morning at dawn the Islamic call to prayers are being heard, they said assured that after war there will be a new day but now the whole story is very different. For the Syrians  call to prayers are the signal to a new violent day has started.

One of the hardest hit cities in Syria has been Aleppo which is once home to 2 million people and one of the oldest city in the world known for their ancient architecture. But today this city is a battlefield and sounds of the bomb is similar to people who lived and death and destruction is everywhere. Same is to the Damascus, which is the Syrian capital and one of the citizen said that she has become inhuman by seeing death everywhere and also the walk by a death person when a bomb landed that area without being known that he is death or not. Some  restaurants are still open and one citizen said that people go out to enjoy because they don’t know what will happen next and trying to forget what is happening outside. Everyone one there has lost the job, they try to money any mean some drive taxi and some even don’t hesitate to smuggle illegal things or stolen things.

Turkey Border Guard Denies the Entry of Syrian Refugees
Turkey Border Guard Denies the Entry of Syrian Refugees

Things are different in Raqqa, which is fully captured by the ISIS. Here the ISIS ha restored the electricity paint road signs and implemented education system. Instead of restoring these facilities but these comes under very high cost and living under the ISIS rule means abiding the sharia law even the men’s beard length and women dress code are very strict. Violating the law  will cost people to brutal punishments and lead to beheading in the streets of Raqqa to give horrific warning to the people. These are the just few Images of the situation and impossible to know actually what people are going through.

We wish and Pray that this inhuman Behaviour of humans towards other Humans Stops . And ” LIFE IN SYRIA gets back on track .” Which is much to ask at this moment .

Stay Insane