Why Religion is destroying us.P1

So, in this i will talk how religion is destroying us. Many people argue that religion is fine until and unless you are harming people around you by your views are actions. And I agree to that but what about the damage we are doing to people with us.

Religion is doing damage to the humans has a whole in many ways, and I’ll try to write, discuss or at least touch all of them. Religion is not a threat   when it starts to do damage. Religion is very similar to the god it belongs to, they both are harmful when people start acting thinking that they are doing what they conceive from there little mind. Which never bothered to question thing. The mind which believed that they were taught.

Let’s see how lazy they are when it comes to thinking. Every religion says their God is great, all might and powerful. Created this earth, us and almost everything we see, needs them. This rotten mind (because they never used it to question) is itself a mystery to me. It seriously bothers me when they do discussion with non-believers. (It’s not a discussion, it mostly done to tell them how right the god and his/her believers are. To me a discussion is where both parties talk about a subject matter and in the end, may not agree with each other but end up elevated from their previous state of mind and now both have new knowledge to think about).

We can waste as much time as we can to find the solution of the question “What is the mindset of a believer and how he never critically thinks about his religion but when in conversation with god is capable of doing reasoning.

I agree we all need a false sense of believe, hope and a feeling of security, but the cost we are paying is too much. If science takes us two steps forwards religion takes us 5 steps back. In conclusion, we are now more backwards then we previously were.

Now, the question arises why we allow people to practice whatever religion they believe in.

Many will argue, religion and fear of GOD/Hell is what makes people moral. But the law and order also does same. Should we not worship it. We all have wasted way too much not doing anything and will probably keep on doing that for a long time.

And I’ll write about that some other time but I should move to the main topic how is religion is a wall that is stopping humanity to move onto the next level.

At the present moment, we have a very small percentage of people who have elevated from this barrier of religion and with each passing second are doing miracles. Now we can fly to space. Read into people’s dreams. You go google and will find how science and technology has done for us.

Now imagine these whole other side of the fence which believes in GOD, stones women/witches have achieved? Imagine this crowd also rises above the barriers of lies and false hope. Instead to waiting for someone to come from sky and fix start fixing their selves.

Imagine a curious kid, who from early childhood has this question “If god made us who made God” and dares to ask his/her parents. They snub him and say “Oh! You can’t question this, god will punish you for this and u will burn for eternity in hell”. Will this kid question anything ever.NO.

We have raised a generation of sheep’s, Stopping innovation and progress is as  equal as  threat of doing nothing. And this normal of not questions the things is harmful for both science and society.

Will write more in the second post.


Stay Insane

Written by JerkShakespear