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We are currently offering two types of Advertisement :

1.Product Review .

2.300×250 Banner Advertisement .

1.Product Review :

You have a product. PERFECT! we will Review it .

What we Review:

We will review your Website, Software and Hardware(PHONES,DIGITAL CAMERAS etc).You have a service to offer we will review it.

We receive many requests to review and it might take some time.You can Fill the form  Below  and our sales team will get back in touch with you .ASAP.

COST:Fill in the form and our sales team will Get you .

2.300×250 Banner Advertisement :

Will show your Advertisement, Banner advert on our site for a period of 7 days(1 week).or 168 Hours .

You will be charged  5,000 INR. if you wish for more than 1 week , A special Association discount will be provided which will vary and will be negotiated .


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