TAPI Gas Pipeline to India

Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Natural gas pipeline is the biggest project that India had recently signed with three other nations. TAPI will result in a better economic condition for the nation.

CHALLENGES faced before TAPI project:

• High demand of the gas.
• High cost of the resources due to its transportation.
• Indirect result on cost increment of other goods.
• Stock market exchange values.

TAPI Gas Pipeline to India
TAPI Gas Pipeline to India


• TAPI will provide a 1800km long gas pipeline, that will cost $10-billion.
• TAPI Project will connect gas pipeline to India other 3 nations had signed the agreement to share the resources together to have betterment of their nation.
• TAPI pipeline have the capacity of 90 million standard cubic meters a day (mmscmd) gas for period of 30-years.
• India and Pakistan will have a share of 38mmscmd from the TAPI PROJECT and the rest 14mmscmd will be provided to Afghanistan.
• It’s been carried out from Turkmenistan’s Galkynysh field, that’s also known to us as Osman.


• Afghanistan : Herat and Kandahar
• Pakistan : Multan via Quetta
• India : Fazilka in Punjab

India’s Prime minister, Narendra Modi inked seven pacts with Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, for the energy sector. Both nations had also decide to intensify their efforts to overcome the crime , terrorism and the illegal trafficking of drugs.
Prime Minister had also shown interest in long-term investing in the energy sector of Turkmenistan.

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TAPI project is at its ‘final stage” to gets its all work done to start its implementation as soon as possible. It’s been decide to start it by December 2015, and will take a period of three years to be working.
BY 2018, TAPI will change the future of India at a wide range.

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