The Unending U-Turns of Modi Govt..

After the BJP’S Corporate funded campaign based on entirely false promises and baseless allegations,Modi govt has completed one year in power. Having colored the preloksabha election period as dark and gloomy through a deft and devious media campaign,Narendra Modi had promised “ache din” to the people.
However an year down the lane  the Modi model of governance stands out for three shameful characteristics- U-Turns on promises, mere renaming and plagiarising of UPA’S schemes and policies and decisions and selling out public/national intrerests  for the benefit of industrial and corporate houses.
So it is our bounden duty to inform the citizens of India about the double standards, lies and malice

that this Government propagates.












1. U-turn on Aadhar

In a complete u turn from its earlier stand the Home Ministry has come out in full support of the Aadhar scheme saying it will facilitate “anytime, anywhere, anyhow” authentication to its beneficiaries. In a letter to all state governments, the Home Ministry said that since one Aadhar number is allotted only to one person, it allows universal verification of one’s identity. Aadhar card also enables the deprived and needy people to access services like banking facilities.

“Since Aadhar is based on the demographic and biometric information of an individual, it eliminates the threat of any fraud and bogus activity.The ministry’s stand on Aadhar is in complete reversal of the position taken by it under two predecessors of Rajnath Singh — Sushilkumar Shinde and P Chidambaram.

During the previous UPA regime, the Home Ministry had raised concerns over the sanctity of the the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)’s database, saying uniqueness of identity was not a necessary condition for ensuring authenticity of identity or genuineness of other entries or records of Aadhar numbers.

2. Statements on Rape

After having pitched the slogan of “Bahut hua nari par vaar, abki baar Modi sarkar” incidents of rape spiraled across the country, especially in BJP ruled states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Prime Minister ‘s colleagues in the Government, Shri Arun Jaitley, Sri BabuLal Gaur and Sri Ramsewak Paikra (Law Minster, Govt. of Chhattisgarh) came out with one insensitive statement after another. All trivialized rape and insulted women. The response of the Prime Minister to all this has been a resounding silence.

During Election Campaign to gather votes:

On 2nd December, 2013 – “It (Delhi) has earned a bad name as the rape capital. When you vote,do not forget     this. Remember Nirbhaya for a while”. Narendra Modi
On International Women’s Day, I bow to Nari Shakti! Let us reaffirm our commitment to make women an integral part of our development journey. Shri Modi tweeted

This government is not bothered about women’s safety or farmers’ welfare,” said Shri Modi at an election rally in Maharashtra on 9th April, 2014.

After Forming Government at Centre

“One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in terms of global tourism,” Mr Jaitley said at a tourism ministers’ conference on 22nd August, 2014.
On 8th June, 2014 – “Such incidents (rapes) do not happen deliberately. These kind of incidents happen accidentally“: Ramsevak Paikra BJP Minister
On 5th June, 2014 – “Sometimes it’s (rape) right, Sometimes it’s wrong” : Babu Lal Gaur Ex-CM, Senior BJP Leader and now a Minister
Women safety’ which was an important poll-plank for the Shri Modi, found no place in the 10 point agenda announced by him on assuming the office of Prime Minister
The one stop crisis centre or the rape crises centre scheme – conceived in the aftermath of the Nirbhaya case- has been rejected by the NDA government. The Rs.200 crore rupee project, which now stands scrapped, was expected to provide medical, legal, police and emergency services to women in distress. It has been reported that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is of the view that the scheme was ‘unnecessary’: source- TOI

3. 180 degree on Article 370

BJP while in opposition

The BJP in their election manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections had very categorically stated, “BJP reiterates its stand on Article 370, and will discuss this with all stake-holders and remains committed to the abrogation of this article”. Source: BJP website
On 11th November, 2014- MoS, PMO Shri Jitendra Singh said “All issues (including Article 370) which have been part of the BJP manifesto all these years will be part of the agenda. They will continue to be so,” the MoS, PMO, told reporters while inaugurating BJP Media Centre in Jammu for its “Mission 44+”. “The ideological issue (Article 370), toward which you point to, BJP’s stand is very clear on it and it is known to you,” Source: India Today

Contradiction (After the poll process in J&K started)

On 27th November, 2014, the BJP released its manifesto for 2014 assembly polls in J&K. The document is silent on Article 370, which was an important agenda for BJP during Lok Sabha Elections. For several decades, BJP has been high-pitched in its demand that the article that grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir, be scrapped. Source NDTV
On November 16,2014 the Minister of state for external affairs VK Singh, however, took a conflicting stand, in an attempt to woo voters in Kashmir. “BJP never said Article 370 is to be removed or amended,” he said in Srinagar. Source: Hindustan Times
On 20th November, 2014 – The BJP in-charge for J&K and Member of Parliament Avinash Rai Khanna said his party had never demanded the scrapping of Article 370. “Some elements are trying to create fear among the people by saying that the BJP wants to scrap Article 370.

4.Rail fare hike                                                                               


BJP’s stand while in opposition

To bring down prices was Shri Modi & BJP poll plank before elections.

In March 2012, after a marginal hike in rail fare by the then Government after 8 years, Shri Modi opposed the rail fare hike calling it “highly unjustified, since prices of a number of commodities are already ruling at a much higher level than people’s tolerance limits.”
How ironical, Sh. Modi tweeted on 7th March, 2012 against rail fare hike bypassing the Rail Budget and Parliament; he does a U-Turn within two weeks of coming into power.
He even alleged that the hike was the result of a “communication gap” between the ministries of Railways, Energy, Coal and Environment.
Shri Modi politicized the issue of inflation and spared no opportunity in attacking even on the most nominal fare hikes by the UPA government.


But instead of fulfilling his promise, one of his first major policy decisions as Prime Minister has been to hike rail fares. His government even before the Rail Budget and without giving normal gestation period for passengers who have already purchased tickets, increased the passenger fares by 2%, the highest ever in our history, and freight charges by 6.5%.
This move would fuel inflation and is against every promise he made in the election campaign. Higher freight charges will drive up the price of coal which will, in turn, make electricity more expensive

Does the same criticism now apply to his government as well? What happened to their claims of reducing prices?

5.BJP on CHINA-Only talk no walk

On 11 August 2013, Shri Modi in an election rally in Hydrabad said­ “China intruded into our territory, but the government, instead of forcing it to return, signed deals with it, agreeing to withdraw our own troops. It is shameful that the External Affairs Minister, despite the repeated incursions by China, went to Beijing and praised the city, going to the extent of saying that he wished he could stay there. Raising the issue of Chinese incursion, Modi as the Gujarat Chief Minister attacked External Affairs Minister Sh. Salman Khurshid for his remarks on his visit to Beijing: “Shame, Shame Shame on You.  Shame on You, who are running the government of India. You are spraying acid on the wounds of 125 crore Indians”. Source: NDTV.COM

The UPA government should make its policy clear as far as China is concerned and ensure that repeated incursions by PLA troops are stopped forthwith,” BJP state president and MLA Jugal Kishore Sharma J &K BJP Chief. (Source: Yahoo News India)
Shri Narendra Modi tweeted on 11th August, 2013: “India is going through a troubled situation. China intrudes our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time & again but Centre doesn’t act!”


The Chinese President Xi -Jinping was visiting India and our bordered were being violated by the Red Army. Over 1000 Chinese soldiers stayed put in the Indian Territory at Chumar for 16 days. This is perhaps the first time in the History of Independent India that our neighbors have crossed over and occupied our territory and Government is hosting its President. This explains the grit we have in our diplomacy.

Incursions along China border due to perception difference: Rajnath Singh

BJP which was so critical of the Union Government for not taking any action against the Chinese came out with a unique explanation for these incursions as ‘Perception Difference’. Home Minister Rajnath Singh went on to say:- Incursions along China border due to perception difference: Rajnath Singh

When Shri Arun Jaitley in an interview to Times Now on 22nd Oct, 2014 was asked a question that Is there a dichotomy in BJP’s position on the China issue, Shri Jaitley said that – “as far as China is concerned, on the line of actual control, China has a different perception on what the line of actual control is, India has a different perception”

6. Black Money – BJP’s list of white lies

BJP Stand as Opposition

April 17, 2014 Shri Rajnath Singh promised, “Black money would be brought back within 100 days if the party was voted to power” – Rajnath Singh. Source ABP News
Narendra Modi on different occasions has said that once Black Money is brought back, every person in this country will get around Rs15 lacs. Youtube url is
Now Modi Ji as Prime Minister in his last Radio Address in ‘Man Ki Baat’ says that he does not know the exact amount of Black Money stashed abroad.
Modi Ji Tweeted on 1st February, 2011- At National Security Council today, I asked “why is the Money Laundering Act not being used to track black money abroad”.
18th January 2011 – Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad – “The government’s argument that it can reveal the names to the Supreme Court but not to the public due to double taxation is baseless.”
18th January 2011 – Shri Nitin Gadkari – Claiming that about Rs 21 lakh thousand crore had been deposited in Swiss banks, Gadkari said, “Any reluctance in declaring the names of Swiss bank account holders will simply raise doubts about the integrity of people at the helm.”
18th January 2011 – “What is the problem and reluctance in the Congress in revealing the names? Why this dogged refusal to reveal the names of those who have accounts abroad …. The country has a right to know and expects the names to be made public,”
4th July 2011 – Shri Prakash Javdekar – “The government has consistently failed to bring back Indian black money. This is because the government is merely engaged in cover-up. The government is trying to justify this by saying it has signed double taxation avoidance agreements with these countries,”

July 2011 Spokesperson Shri Prakash Javdekar said, “The government has consistently failed to bring back Indian black money. This is because the government is merely engaged in cover-up. The government is trying to justify this by saying it has signed double taxation avoidance agreements with these countries”.


Taking an about turn (from the pre-election stand), on 17th Oct, 2014, Modi Government through an Affidavit had stated to the Apex Court that it is unable to disclose the said names since it was bound by certain Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs).
The 17th Oct Affidavit further said that if the Government discloses the names of the black money account holders will violate “international standards on maintaining confidentiality” and the same will result in lowering of rating of India

Remark: In reply to Government’s Affidavit, Supreme Court said: Why are you holding protective umbrella for these people? Source: Indian Express

Thereafter, when the Modi Government was attacked on taking a U-turn on the issue of Black Money, selective names were leaked through the media.This notorious act of the Modi Government was identified by the Hon‘ble Supreme Court and on 28th Oct, 2014, the Court asked the Government to furnish the entire list of account holders before it.

Fact of the matter is that not even a Single Paisa has come back in last year of Modi government. All the names reluctantly submitted to the Court by the Government are only those which were obtained by the previous UPA Government only.

This is just a small list of the reneges by the present so called transparent government of India and the political “jhumlas” of this govt seems to be unending.

What amazes me most is for every mistake the BJP has only one explanation to offer.. Congress did it too.. This country is not only about Congress and BJP, it is about the people of India. Mr. Modi and BJP have been voted to power by the people of India based on the promises they made and if they are changing their stance, they owe an explanation to the country, not just excuses.


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