Tomorrow – not a promise.


“What are you doing tomorrow ? ”  I asked my Ryan.

“I may sleep whole day because it’s been a long while I’d not catchup an ample amount of sleep”. He said .

“Okay lazy ass”. I disconnected the call afterwards.

And I went to sleep as I was horribly tired.

Next morning I wake-up when the sun was ascending crimson rays all over the sky. It was an another Saturday of the week , most awaited day. I wanted to laid back on my bed for the whole damn day. But you know my mom . She already had made a list of work which was pending since the last Sunday.I forced myself to leave the bed. And so I did, went to take a hot shower.

I precisely took twenty minutes to came out.

I heard my phone ringing and rushed to answer it.

“Ryan is in hospital”. A blurred voice came from another side of the phone.

“Don’t kid me buddy. I will shoot you. I talked to him last night before I went to the bed.” I started blabbering because you sudden jolt.

“No Riya . Ryan is in the hospital. He had overdose of sleeping pills last night and yes you were the person he talk last.He is in Fortis hospital. Come soon.” Varun disconnected the call as soon as he was done speaking.

I went to the hospital and find a lively ,jolly ,happy go around person draped in the hospital clothes. I sat by his side and held his hand in mine. He responded with a tap. Just like he was telling me “I am fine”. I spent an hour to his bed side. And decided to leave.

I was in the shock because I can’t think a perfect reason why Ryan had sleeping pills. I took an auto rickshaw to get back to home. On my way back I got the news of Ryan’s demise. I went to such a state of shock that I can’t even mourn. I felt a tinge of pain in my heart but which persist me to cry .

I was jolted by the thought what if he hasn’t taken pills. He could be alive present among us.

We left so much on tomorrow  sometime , tomorrow is just another uncertainty . If I knew Ryan will act so stupid just because he is not able to cope up with studies and will choose a lament path. If I knew I will get to see him on hospital bed lying like corpse,I would have sacrifice my sleep and talked to him for a while. I  was just hoping to live tomorrow, which I couldn’t in the way I wish. We human being lead our most of the life leaving things on the next day. Tomorrow is a promised to no one. Tomorrow is just a regret you have when you aren’t offered to live next moment according to your plan. Why we long to live next day when we know we may die in a sleep ? Why we don’t live today with no waits of tomorrow ?

Stay Insane

Written by Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''.
Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.