Tony Blair apologize for Iraq war

Tony Blair has apologized for the Iraq war. He conceded the links between the Islamic State and Iraq war.
He made the statement that there were “elements of truth” to claims the Iraq war caused the rise of Islamic State.

US invasion
US Invasion of Iraq

The ex-PM said “the situation in Iraq today is resulted by those of us who removed Saddam”. But he defended the invasion , saying it was “hard to apologies” for the Saddam Hussein’s removal and Iraq might have become like Syria.
Tony Blair, in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN, made apology about the mistakes in planning and certainly their mistakes in understanding the situation after once you remove the regime.
But the former prime minister made his point clear that the decision made by him at that point of time was right. It was right decision in backing the US invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein.
On more point to notify, Tony seems to believe that the UK and Europe’s current military inaction over Syria is wrong.
Blair defined all – the removal of Saddam Hussein and the civil war in Syria as “my crime”. He also claim that he should also stand trial on war crimes charges and defended his policy of what he used to describe as liberal interventionism.
Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister said it was “Blair spin operation”.

Nicola Sturgeon tweet on Iraq war
Nicola Sturgeon tweet on Iraq war

Chilcot report on Iraq war:

The delay to Chilcot report is now seen as scandal.
Sir John Chilcot’s long-awaited report into the Iraq war is now reaching a conclusion, although no date has yet been given for its release. Its more than six years after the inquiry was set up by the then prime minister Gordon Brown with an assurance that it would take a year to have a conclusion.
A spokesman also said: “He did not say the decision to remove Saddam in 2003 caused ISIS, and pointed out that ISIS was barely heard of at the end of 2008, when al-Qaeda was basically beaten”.\

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