Top 5 Assassinations that changed history

Here is a list of five of the most influential and world changing assassinations.


1. Abraham Lincoln

The American president was shot in the back of head and killed just 5 days after ending the American civil war. His assassin John Wilkes Booth, had decided to kill the president after his speech supporting voting rights for black citizens. Historians speculate that Lincoln would have also provided financial help to assist black Americans to settle in the west. His premature death prevented all that, as successor Andrew Johnson Implemented segregation laws. These restricted black Americans voting rights , home ownership and even where they could sit on public transport. America continues to face racial tensions to this day.




2. Martin Luther King

In 1968 King was shot and killed while standing out on his hotel room balcony. Within hours of the civil rights leaders death, riots has erupted across America, with over 100 cities rocked by violence. In the ensuing chaos, President Johnson moved quickly to pass the civil rights legislation which to this point had been fiercely debated. Just a week after the shooting, the Fair Housing Act which king had campaigned for was signed.

martin luther king

3. Julius Caesar

After imposing himself as dictator for life Caesar threatened the democratic basis of the Roman Republic and alienated several powerful senators. These senators eventually stabbed the dictator 23 times killing him and setting a chain of events that would end the Republic forever. Several civil wars lasting over a decade followed the assassination and led to Caesar’s heir Augustus being named the first Roman Emperor.
The empire would later rule over 5 million square kilometers of territory and 21% of the world’s population. It would also bring unrivaled stability for almost 200 years during the roman peace before its eventual decline


4. Romanov Family

To prevent pro-royal forces from restoring the monarchy and threatening the survival of the Russian revolution, the red Army executed the entire Romanov Family in 1918. The massacre was a significant movement in the Russian Civil war which the Communists went on to win, forming the soviet union. Some 20 million would die during Stalin’s purges, while fear of communism would be capitalized on by Adolf Hitler to gain support for his genocidal Nazi Party. Had the Romanovs been returned to the Russian throne, all this may never have happened, Neither might have the cold war which lasted until 1991.


5. John F. kennedy

Many believe that if John F. kennedy’s  assassination had been prevented then the Vietnam war may never have happened, atleast not to the same extent. Before his death U.S. troops had a significant presence within Vietnam but historians believe his resistance to sending ground troops into Cuba during the 1962 missile crisis indicated that he’d also be hesitant about deploying the military in Vietnam. In fact many believe he would have withdrawn the troops already stationed there. However following his death, new president lyndon Johnson launched a full scale campaign, which ultimately left an estimated 3.4 million people dead



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