Top 5 Motion Graphics inspirations of 2014

Motion Graphics


motion graphics also known as mograph at some times, have effected our world in a completely different way. Everything we see everything we watch on tv , in the advertisement and the things that can’t exist are the complex composition of vfx, 3d and motion graphics.

It’s always fascinating to stop up and take a look back on the year that has passed and see the trends that followed along its steps. So many great pieces came to life and the global motion community has never been more emerged and flourishing. This also made it very difficult to handpick these 5 pieces in this recap from this vast ocean of epic motion graphics.

Lets take a look at the 5 Top Motion Graphics



from Inside The Edit on Vimeo.

Nobody knows what we do… so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images.

Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart
Script – Paddy Bird & Dave Penn


Pause Fest ID 2014

from Váscolo on Vimeo.

Created for Pause Fest Melbourne 2014:
Music and Sound Design by Danca:
Making of:

We were honored with the privilege of participating along with other great animators, designers & studios to create an ident for this year’s Pause Fest in Melbourne.

The Pause Fest 2014 is all about being connected. After several ideas and sketches drops to the trash, we decided to make an ID where communication devices from different eras would be mixed through various scenes and situations.

A tunnel connects a mobile device with a mouth sending morse code smoke signals that turns into msm or whatsapp messages in the cloud or a carrier pigeon that flies from the mobile screen.

We decided to join the new with the prehistorical in an encounter where the data transfer and the connection are almost dreamlike or surreal, to end with the most basic and primitive connection, the human contact.

Special thanks to George, Caspian and the entire Pause Fest Crew for the opportunity and Daniele Carmosino for the incredible sound design.
– Gold Award for Excellence at Communicator Awards NYC.
– Gold Award Motion Category at Create Design Awards Australia.

– – –

Executive Creative Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Design: Florencia Tasso, Nicolás Castro
3D Animation: Ernesto Reyna, Manu Correa Soto, Matias Furno, David Mir
Cel Animation: Andrés Molteno
Music and Sound Design: Daniele Carmosino /
Production: Natalia Giuliano



Mobil1 & Porsche

from Frame. on Vimeo.

Frame pumps life into Mobil1 motor oil & Porsche.

In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. The concept of this co-branded piece is to show how Mobil 1 motor oil is the most hi-tech and durable oil available for Porsche’s high performance cars.

Frame helped the agency launch the Mobil1 campaign by utilizing a mix of live-action, animation and VFX as Frame collaborated with the talented people at Ghost VFX, who contributed with look development, character animation and subsequently composited their renders.

Frame acted as a creative partner with the agency to create the initial concepts and execution of the insanely detailed animations. The dystopian commercial was directed, designed and animated by Frame Copenhagen, led by Creative Director/Director Anders Schroder.

Replay App

from Paulin Girard on Vimeo.

Replay, an Iphone App to make some videos.

Direction & Production by Paulin Girard at Stupeflix
Copywriting, Sound design & Original Soundtrack: Jean Patry
Voice-over: Beau Stephenson

The Things I Love

from Dennis Hoogstad on Vimeo.

A small love letter to Design and Animation.

This year I started as an independent Designer and Animator, so I decided to create something which was dedicated to the job I truly love doing. In addition to this, I combined it with a personal touch to tell something about myself a bit as well.

Hope you ‘love’ it!

Script, Design and Animation: Dennis Hoogstad –
Music and Sound Design: Ulrich Troyer –


Thanx to From up north.

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