You should try “Tai Chi” if you’re above 50

Chinese exercise “Tai Chi” helps to improve physical capacity among older adults with some conditions like breast cancer, heart failure, osteoarthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), new research has found.”Tai Chi” is a slow, gentle, flowing movement that helps to boost muscle power, balance, and posture. It also includes mindfulness, relaxation and breath control.

“The results show a favourable effect of “Tai Chi” to improve physical performance and showed that  “Tai Chi” could be performed by individuals with conditions,like COPD, heart failure and osteoarthritis,” the study said.
The researchers from Canada wanted to know that how effective “Tai Chi” was in long-term conditions that are common among older adults.

They examined relevant studies published up to 2014, on the use of Tai Chi in people with cancer, osteoarthritis, heart failure, and COPD.

The studies involved over 1,500 participants.

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