Virtual Reality Sets Sales will be on Fire in 2016

Virtual reality is going to be a reality for the world in 2016.

Believe to give a big boost to tech market as the years pass on, according to new study. And will hit 14 million units in the upcoming year 2016 according to Topology research institute, a firm of trend force.

Facebook, Samsung, HTC and many more are start investing in the new emerging market and will become integral worthy part of tech industry. This device let user to have 3d feeling and looks like in different place.

Last month HTC chief Jeff Gattis said that HTC will launch HTC Vine virtual reality set may at the end of this year or next year. The gamers will be  expecting that games of these VR sets will worth of the money they will spend on it.

In future, Virtual reality sets will go beyond the game and will also pull entertainer from other fields also.

In India Virtual Reality  will cost over ₹95000 and in $1500 outside India


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