#DIY How to use VLC player as converter.

Follow the below given steps to  convert a video file to another format (MPEG,WEBM , MP4/MOV ,WAV , FLV, MKV , WMV ,MP3 etc. )

1). Open VLC player and go to ‘media’ on the top left corner and select ‘convert/save’ (or) press ‘cntrl+r’ .


2). Add media file and select ‘convert’ from the option (or) press ‘alt+o’.


3). select ‘profile’ or video format under settings


-> there is also additional settings near the profile section where you can see the additional settings for video codec, audio codec and also u can add .srt file for adding subtitles to the video.)


4). Now select ‘designation’ for output file and Hit START!!

–>there you go, you can see the converting process in the running bar and time remaining.


–> After finishing that process , go to the designation place/folder and you’ll get your converted file!!




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