Vyapam Scam Mystery

Vyapam Scam Mystery seems to be a biggest scam over the admissions and recruitment of the government officials. Vyapam came into existence from Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board(MPPEB) that also have the involvement of other politicians, senior officials and businessmen in the state.
These cases over the entrance test has been reported since mid-1990s, and in the end the first FIR was filed by the police over this(Vyapam) matter in 2000. After the FIR for many years , these cases were not thought as a part of an organized ring. In 2009 , many complaints were noticed for the pre-medical test (PMT) and government investigate the matter by establishing a committee.

Vyapam Scam
Vyapam Scam: The Biggest Mystery


Vyapam scam has defaced the lives of many students over the admissions for the professional courses and also the government jobs starting from the patwaris and constables to teachers.
Due to involvement to many murders, Vyapam become into a deadliest recruitment procedure. Special Task Forces was appointed to get through it. And many of them died or murdered during the investigation period , to keep them permanently mum. STF has submitted a lsit of 23 people that have died bue to unnatural conditions.Vyapam Scam Mystery is still to be solved.

Vyapam Scam Mystery:

Vyapam has provided a way of kicking back the deserving candidates out of the race by having the other means to score in the exams. It involves
 Impersonation
You are provided with the admit card that has some other persons pic and that person will be sitting in exam on your behalf.
 Copying
Seating arrangement will be made in such a way that you would be able to get the answer from the nearby candidates (copy answer)
 Changes in records and answer sheets
Records are changed to make you a fair player to get the seat , and those are also reflected in your answer sheets.
 Answer key
You are directly provided with the answer key to marks your ansewer correctly.
Vyapam scam is just the munna bhai style of getting the qualification degree seat or the government job without any efforts.


Up till now , 2000 people had been arrested over the Vyapam scam.
 Laxmikant Sharma, ex-Education Minister (M.P)
 O. P. Shukla Officer on Special Duty (OSD)
 Sudhir Sharma, A mining businessman
 R. K. Shivhare, Suspended IPS Officer
 Ravikant Dwivedi, Suspended Joint Commissioner (Revenue)
 Pankaj Trivedi, MPPEB Examination Controller
 CK Mishra, Officer, Vyapam

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