Weak -it’s what you are defined with?

When I was sick , lying on the hospital bed like a
My body was not responding much but my brain
was on
it’s continuous job of thinking.I was having most
,weird thoughts all the time what if I just close
my eyes for
a while to take a nap and I just died. I was not old enough
to die . I haven’t lived enough my dreams, my
wishes they are
still not done. It was just remorseful. Seeing
yourself battling
everyday to take every breathe was awful .I
never felt so
helpless for myself.Whenever I used to gaze on
the clock
fixed on the 10×12 room’ s wall. I thought a lot
about the time
I have wasted,time when I always keep on
complaining for
what I don’t have yet, what I don’t have may be I don’t deserve .I was so busy in
complaining, lost
the charm of appreciation. I’ve had no one right
beside me
except family.At then all I knew was I’m the only
protagonist of my book. How can I let someone
write the epilogue when I’m the one who wrote
prologue. How can I let someone show mercy on
me and that awful pathetic sympathy on their
plastic face. No I can’t let this , I just can’t die
.My words will die with me. I’m not really upto taking my wishes and my thoughts to my grave and eventually let them die with me. I’m not so frail and
from that day and today I’ve
give up on nothing which I always desire.

”Sometimes you’ve to fight a war like thing in
your life before a cascade hits you.”
Because life not always bless everyone with same fortune.

Stay Insane

Written by Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''.
Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.