When she began to grow old.



I came back home after a long tiring day in college . I was suppose to take a nap and throw myself on a comfy bed . Sleepy me, always.

But I didn’t slept this time. Well I choose to spend an evening with my parents ,especially my mother, like I used to in my childhood days, which seems to be a century far to me now.

There were times when daddy used to be out of town for his official work and she used to take us ( me and my sister ) to the park in the evening, often buy us an orange lolly .

And I find my mother was  busy as usual with household chores in  kitchen and my father came back from office was having a cup of tea.

“You look tired “. My mother said while giving me a glass of water.

“I had a long day “. I answered her .

“You should sleep for an hour or so.” She suggested with her utter concern toward her little twenty years old daughter.

” I have a better idea.Can we go out for a walk and have some fresh air to breath?.”I made a request to her, hoping she will say yes.

“Okay, as you say”. She went back to kitchen.

She came out from the kitchen, wore her shoes and we headed towards park. I noticed a smile on her face after a long time , may be after years or may be she smile often , I barely noticed.And I realised how blissful the sight is.

She asked me about how was my day at college?

I answered her my day was good but long and tiring one.We walked around a mile and sat down on fountain side wooden bench after sometime.

“Mom! Do you remember taking us to park everyday in summer evening back days?”. I asked her .

“Yes, I do and also how you and your sister used to run around playing hide and seek”. She chuckled .

I was quite content and nostalgic while reminiscing the old times with my mother. I realised how much I have missed in all these growing years. Even I didn’t realise my mother is also growing old. Nature makes her call and the sun began to set , engulfing the dusk nonetheless enhancing the beauty .

“Kids these day, ahh!” She sighed.

“What happened to these days kids, mommy?” I asked her out of my curiosity.

“Nothing , just a pack of disappointment. High expectations low self confidence.” She pointed a truth .

“I know we are weird . I know we are selfish. I know we are screwed. I know!.I know we don’t trust our self. I know we lack self confidence. Our morale is very low. But ! Do you know whenever we come back to home every day from college, we wish our mother to give us a warm hug and tell us it’s okay. You gotta work hard , to be a person of your dreams. Because we constantly need someone at the back. And someone is you”. I blabbered all words I have in my mind.

“I know baby and I am always there for you”. She held my hand to assures me she is around and we walked back to home.

“I love you , mommy.” I embrace her in my arms.

“I love you, too.” She said .


~God cannot be present everywhere . But he do send a fairy in every person’s life to take care , to nourish, to love and sometime to lead down on the perfect road of the life. I call that fairy “Mother”. I see no difference between any fairy . Everyone has same super powers, just their way is unique. This fairy has a power never to disappoint her child.She nurtures so beautifully.And we hardly showed our gratitude towards her.

And we calling ourself sociable and outgoing individual . Spending most of the times on Instagram ,Facebook ,WhatsApp,Twitter, Hike and uncountable social networking sites and applications just dwell us .We are so engrossed in making of our self and winning the rat race , just forget about the person who made us capable of fighting with everyone.

Have you ever sit by her side and asked her how day was? When you was busy in throwing tantrums on her when she asked you about yours.

This is the story of every adult these days. Forgetting she is also growing like us.

Ain’t we just forgetting one day when we would call our mothers and all we would  get to hear a long beep because that person doesn’t exist anymore. This is a bitter truth of every person live. Better not to regret later, be grateful for your fairy.

Happy Mother’s Day

Stay Insane

Written by Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''.
Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.