Windows 10: All you need to know about

Windows 10

After waiting a long time finally, windows 10 is coming soon in this month of 2015. The final release date is set to 29th of June. Windows 10 will be released in 190 countries and will be available for free upgrade to the users who are running windows 7, windows 8, or window 8.1. This upgrade will be available for only one year. Windows 10, enhanced version of windows 8.1 & 8 has got a lot of new changes and with new exciting features to attract the users.

A Fresh & delightful version of windows

Windows 10 was basically developed for the touch-screen device like tablets of smartphones, but Microsoft has decided to make this version to work with the big devices like laptops or PC’s too. So they have modified some of the features in it, to make the effective use of windows for the users.

What’s new in it?

Start Button: –

Your favorite start button will be with you forever. Windows 10 has a start button on the same position i.e. on the left bottom corner of the window from where you can control everything, including all the apps, tasks, or any other program that you might be interested in. It also has a free space on the start panel where you can pin your favorite tiles, and apps.

Windows 10
Start Menu

Live Tiles: –

Colorful live tile makes the screen looks very pretty. They provide a creative interface for your useful & private notifications. Live tiles will work in the background and helps you to work easily.

Cortana: –

Microsoft’s clever, smart & personal assistant to the users, & for the users.Cortana will assist you to search anything on the PC or on the internet.Cortana is a very smart assistant which listen to your commands and act accordingly to those commands.Cortana has played an important role in previous version of Windows 8.1, so as to be in this version of windows it is going to verycool very handful tool to make the tasks easy for the end users.

Windows 10

Edge browser: –

A little bit of change in windows internet explorer is the all new & fresh Edge browser. Microsoft has replaced its IE browser with Microsoft Edge browser. The Edge experience is improved,cortana is supported by this browser. Click on the menu, and you can clip the part of interest and copy this to one note app. You can share this with anyone via email, or any social network. With this new browser, user’s experience will be at a new level.

Windows 10
Microsoft Edge browser

Task view bar: –

Click on the task view button or press the Windows+Tab button and the list of running apps and tiles will be right in front of you on your screen. Widows 10 lets you to create virtual desktop, i.e. user can have multiple desktops in order to manage your easy work. Like you can choose one desktop for business related work, another for browsing internet & apps etc, and other for your multimedia related stuff.

Windows 10
Task Bar

Right click on the app or just drag it to anywhere you want it to place. Windows will propmts the space where you can place it.

Contunum: –

Tools to help you convertible interface from the PC’s or desktops to touch screen device. It helps the touch screen devices to work smoothly along with the mouse or keyboard. For example, If you are using the tablet with keyboard and mouse, Contunum will apply the settings and makes the windows to work efficiently with the devices, and when you remove them all, this will switch the OS to work easily with touch screen.

Windows 10
Easy Device Compatibility

Universal apps: –

Universal apps are going to be a main part of Windows 10. Some of the metro apps in windows 8 are just modified to be compatible with windows 10. That means you can easily use your mouse cursor to close, minimize or maximize the apps to the taskbar. This time apps will not be in full-screen mode, they are molded into the desktop compatible mode so can easily drag them out.

Xbox app: –

Xbox one is going to be included in this version. Especially gamers will be quite excited about this feature. Xbox app let the user to share gaming videos with the familiar faces. Messaging support and Xbox live will keep you updated with what others are doing.

Windows 10
Xbox App

Windows 10 is similar to previous version but with better improvements. Multi-tasking, customizable start button. Live tiles, windows store, faster working, Flexible & easily customizable interface, these all features will take your Windows experience to 7th cloud.

Here’s a technical preview of windows. You can get more explained information about Windows 10 on Microsoft’s official website.




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Written by Ashutosh Kapil

Ashutosh is a gadget freak person who is very intersted in new and emerging technology & facinated about the smartphone related stuff.