Wish Rose Day to your Loved one


Roses are red, As you know,

i am not gonna say Violets are Blue, it disturbs the flow,

ohkk, wait give me a chance i wont blow,

Roses are Red,So are your Lips,

Slim is the Stem, as your hips,

Don’t be so proud, it can shatter like bricks,

ohhkay wait, one last time, once more,

You know how much i adore,

your petals like cheeks,

don’t worry i haven’t forgot about your Pout,

i feel amazing, when you are with me,

I love you more than you love me.

-Gursimrat Singh


Rose Day
Rose Day

Wish Rose day to your valentine or just wish ┬áRose day to your will being. Life is offered once so just don’t keep what’s in heart to yourself if you have feelings for someone express to them on this rose day and begin the journey of eternity.

Stay Insane

Written by MonsieurG3

Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope,
Make sure ,you never run out of Hope.

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