Wolfenstein : The New Order – Game Review

May 21st, 2014 @ 23:45:55

Machine Games is out with another Nazi killing game, Wolfenstein : The New Order. The concept of the game is simple yet brilliant, an Alternative history where the Nazi’s win World War II and the whole world is ruled by them. The trailer even showed a clip in which an astronaut salutes the Nazi Flag on the moon. It is technically a sequel to Raven’s Wolfenstein released in 2009. We are B. J. Blazkowicz who’s attacking a Nazi compound in 1946, but the Nazis have somehow gained extraordinary technological advances which gives them the advantage and B. J. ends up in a 14 year coma. He wakes up in a world entirely controlled by the Nazi’s.

The game is violent and brutal as expected. You meet some old friends and create a resistance to fight against the Nazi’s. The characters of the game are not so appealing, the villain called Deathshead hardly appears. The resistance headquarters has for some short missions mostly just running around, but there is a bed there in which you can have a nightmare and guess what is in that, a mini game of Wolfenstein 3D (1992). Wolfenstein : The New Order is well designed and the architecture is wonderful. The Nazi-dominated 1960’s Europe has been constructed with extraordinary style.

It is very much different from the first person shooters we play these days.


A decision you make in the prologue has an influence on the campaign that follows, you’ll either be picking locks or hot wire certain devices depending on your choice, granting you access to special routes and different upgrade paths. In order to see everything in the game you’ll need to play it twice, minimum. The levels are divided up into arenas that are, in the main, interesting to fight across. It’s also got a well-implemented set of stealth mechanics, including close range takedowns, alternate paths, and satisfying throwing knives. The most irritating part in the game is picking up the ammo and armor of dead enemies manually by press ‘E’ every time and Animation in certain cut scenes is not that good, its a bit robotic.

Major encounters normally include one or two commanders that will continuously call for reinforcements to the area if they’re alerted. If you play The New Order as a straight shooter, enemies will continue to arrive until you fight your way through to their commander and kill him. However, a player can bypass the first line of soldiers, kill their commanders, and then finish the rest without the threat of reinforcements. The best thing about The New Order as a stealth game is that when located the game turns into an exciting shooter. You’ll never cease to get goose bumps because of the armored dogs, as soon as you are spotted the dogs will be unleashed to eat your face off, until you continuously stab it to death. The gamer is very bloody, you can actually use a shotgun to pop the enemy’s head into pieces.

You can dual wield weapons anything, and every weapon has an unlockable alternate fire mode like rockets, bouncing shrapnel, etc.. You later find an upgradable laser cutter that can be used to carve your way through fences and vent covers but can also be used as a lethal laser gun. The laser will then be available in every mission but its energy drains quite rapidly. It is a very good shooter and has some extraordinarily detailed area, I found damage indicator a bit lousy, Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the exact direction of attack, and at higher difficulties it just leads to a sudden death. The AI’s are very smart and will many times dodge your line of fire.

Wolfenstein : The New Order is a very fun game to play when it comes to killing, The writing, music and environment is extraordinary and far more than what you might have expected from the game. You will not hesitate to play it twice, just be ready to kill as many Nazi’s as you can. It is very much different from the first person shooters we play these days.


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Written by Kevin Kain

I'm an Animation and Multimedia student specializing in 3D, also a Game enthusiast and a 3D Concept Artist :)