Women’s Day 2016


Women’s Day


She gave you birth, made you sleep rhyming melodious song,
She takes care of you and the first word you utter is “MoM”.
She made you laugh, giggled you, when you played in sand,
She lift you in her arms when you were barely able to stand .
women's day 2016 by foxinsane
She picked you up, when you fall down,
Spent sleepless nights, when you cried, she acted a clown.
She got you ready to face this world, made you on your feet,
So why in her old age, you feel shy to greet?
She took care of you, when mother used to be away,
“Sister” is a precious word in life that one could ever say.
She held your hand, when you first visited school,
Ice-cream in summers & in winters she covered you with wool.
She changed your life, attached her soul with your life,
she is too a woman, who came in as your wife.

You built a house , but a lady is the one who makes it a Home.
8th March comes every year, let’s make a difference this time,
Look on the their beautiful side,
Being a woman is really hard in every way,
Yet she does in a perfect way,
Lets stand up together and wish them happy women’s day

Women's day-Gursimrat SIngh

Stop Female Foeticide

How dare you to foeticide her, in the womb?
If you do so, whom will you marry when dressed as a Groom?
Give it a second thought,
How can you do such atrocities on her,
She gave you sight, made you see this Earth,
Was it her wrong decision to give you birth,
Or what would it be like if she would have killed you before your birth.
you try to foeticide her , feel pity on her birth, thinking girl as a sign of shame,
So why don’t you accuse your Mom’s mother for not doing the same,
Is it our tradition or superstitious nature, that on unborn we put the blame.
Rise high your ethics don’t foeticide her , let your soul to wake !!
I know there’s goodness in you , stop being so fake,
You can do it, Do it for your nation, or please do it for God’s sake.
Stop female foeticide, i bet one day you will be proud of her,
and with raised head , this is the statement you gonna make,
“hey look! she is mine daughter”
You want a son , why not her ?
I believe its not justice , rather its an offensive act of murder.Women'd day

Stay Insane

Written by MonsieurG3

Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope,
Make sure ,you never run out of Hope.

Assembled the Insane Fox by Joining its polygons