X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer

X-men’s Back and this time with a Bang. It is undobtedly one of the best superhero related trailer of the entire year with escalating intensity. The  most powerful mutant, Apocalypse, awakened after hundreds of years and dismantled by the world he finds, recruits a team of powerful mutants to destructively “cleanse” humanity and create a new world order. Raven, along with Professor X, must lead the X-Men to stop Apocalypse, introducing new characters and basically debriefing the idea that Apocalypse is very, very bad news for the X-Men and humanity. And it achieves it without ever giving up too much of the story. The trailer opens with Jean Grey awakening from a nightmare that shows her a vision of the apocalyptic future promised by Apocalypse’s rise then followed by  a quickfire montage that seems to warn of what the world can expect from him.

Though we haven’t seen a glimpse of the Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) in the trailer, but X-men is not X men without Wolverine, maybe the director has some other plans for him.

It is intended to be the sequel to 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and the ninth installment in the X-Men film series, directed by Bryan Singer , The movie is intended to release on May 27 2016, another addition to 2016 super hero movie collection.


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