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Youtube Gaming

Everyone is trying to make a space in this world full of competitions. Every field is running by the competition. From those field, Youtube, topmost live video streaming company, has recently launched an application plus a website known as Youtube Gaming. Youtube has launched this website only for the gaming lovers who wish to watch gaming videos live.

Youtube Gaming
Youtube Gaming

Live game’s videos streaming

People who love gaming can now enjoy the live streaming of their favorite games. People will get to know as soon as any of the game developer company will releases the gaming details. You will be able to see live streaming of old, and new released games. Also whenever a new game is to be launched, its teaser will get uploaded on that particular page immediately.

Variety of Gaming video pages

Youtube Gaming
Youtube Gaming

Youtube gaming, is similar to Twitch, the app launched by the Amazon, having the similar types of pages more than 25,000 of different games, developer companies. Users will be able to subscribe to the particular video pages and they will get immediately update of the video arrival. Every game will have its own page and popular videos live streamed.

Ryan Wyatt, the Youtube’s global head of gaming shared some of his words about the importance of gaming videos. He said that, “The live gaming video streaming will makes the games popular and even in a better way by promoting them on the websites along with their teasers.”

Adding to this he also said that,” This website is specially built for gamers, and from now no game is going to get disappeared or less popular” Youtube has improved a feature of streaming in this process. Now the streamers don’t have to schedule their streaming, it will be live for everyone all the time. Although the details of the opening of the website is not revealed yet due but we hope that it will get in people’s eye very soon and hit the gaming market.


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